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    SCP-832: Carnival of Horrors

    SCP-832 is an abandoned theme park. It was abandoned due to a large number of violent events resulted in the deaths of many of the attendees. An event known as “Bloody Sunday” resulted in the maiming of 7 attendees and the deaths of 231 more. Following this event, the park was sealed off and MTF Rho-71 entered in attempt to determine the cause of the deaths. However, MTF Rho-71 was forced to retreat after losing 50% of their forces.

    (( Wow. I remember this story. My friend told me this.))

    I kinda wanna explore it now o.o

    ahh people who think this is real

    the whole site is basically creepypasta

    when people dont realize that these are all from different places
    i think a few are chernobyl 

    I don’t know if this is real or not but it’s creepy as hell.

    (via homebirdxoxo)